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The First-calf Heifer Conundrum

Jason Smith, University of Tennessee

First-calf heifers.  Let’s face it – we all struggle with them at least to some degree.  And it’s an issue that we face not just here in Tennessee, but across the entire country.  If one comes up open, we’re faced with one of two choices.  The first (and recommended) is to sell her, which will generally result in an overall loss on that female.  The second would be to keep her, and try again next year.  Will she get pregnant after a year off?  Maybe.  But how many of us can operate a profitable bed and breakfast where our guests don’t pay?  Most of us can’t – myself included.  So if neither of these are viable options, what is?  Being proactive at preventing the issue.  But before we address ways of doing that, there are few fundamental concepts that are important to understand.

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Trump Leaning Toward Georgia ex-Governor for Agriculture Head


Former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue is U.S. Republican President-elect Donald Trump’s leading candidate to run the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a senior Trump transition team official said on Monday.

Perdue, a Democrat-turned-Republican who founded a grain and fertilizer business, served on Trump’s agricultural advisory committee during his presidential campaign.

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What is Your Ideal Cow?

Travis Meteer, University of Illinois Extension

One of the most popular questions I get asked is “What is your ideal cow?” This question always spurs quite the debate. Factors like breed, cow size, milking ability, and a long list of phenotypes are discussed. Comments like “We don’t want to go back to that kind of cattle” typically dominate the conversation.

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